Friday, February 20, 2015

3 Looks With Sashay Yarn

Lately I have really enjoyed working with this Sashay yarn by Red Heart.  There are some different ways to work with it and achieve completely different looks.  The first way I'm showing you is to hand crochet it utilizing a double chained technique.  It is a very simple scarf to make.  My best friend's daughter is 10 years old and was able to make one of these by herself.  Very fast and very easy to make.  I hope you enjoy this video series.

The second in my video series of making scarves with Sashay yarn is showing you how to Arm Knit a quick and easy decorative scarf.  These scarves are beautiful and make up in no time at all!  The Sashay yarn is available in a nice range of colors and is not expensive.  You could make lots of scarves for yourself and your friends.

The third and final video in my series on making scarves with Sashay yarn shows you how to make a ruffled scarf.  I used one ball of the Sashay yarn and an "I" size crochet hook.  Believe me, you don't have to be an experienced crocheter to make these.