Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My 15 Seconds of Fame

I am a member and forum moderator at Makeuptalk.com and recently posted a thread featuring myself and my precious grand-puppy, Apollo.  A reporter from CNN.com, Katherine Dorsett, was doing research for an article she was working on about grand-puppies and their role in the family.  She found my thread on a google search.  Needless to say I was dazed and amazed and VERY skeptical, so I googled HER and found out she was legit.  I called the number she provided and we had the loveliest chat, none of which appeared in the article, oh well.  But a picture of Apollo and myself is in the article!!  Click here to check us out.  We're photo number 2...hmmm...not sure how to take that, but, alas we have our 15 seconds of fame (because I'm not sure it counts as 15 minutes)!
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