Thursday, May 19, 2016

How to Knit a Summer Beach Tote

Summer is upon us and we don't always think about knitting in relation to the summer months.  But I have a perfect Summer knit for you that you will reach for over and over again.  I'm calling it a beach tote but it could just a easily be used as a shopping tote, farmer's market tote or in general bag.  I've linked below a video tutorial to assist you in the finer points of the bag.  It also contains some basic knitting concepts for beginning knitters.  In the pattern I've noted the time stamps of the video that correlate to that portion of the knitting process.


2 balls of solid color cotton yarn and 1 ball of varigated cotton yarn - I used Peaches & Cream
24" size 8 circular needles
Stitch markers
Tapestry Needle


Cast on 168 Stitches onto 24" circular Needles - 5:37
Round 1 - Knit - 9:31
Round 2 - Pearl - 14:00
Repeat Rounds 1 & 2 once more
Round 5 - Knit 30 Stitches, Bind off 54 Stitches, Knit 30 Stitches, Bind Off 54 Stitches - 15:37
Round 6 - Pearl 30 Stitches, Cast on 30 Stitches, Pearl 30 Stitches, Cast on 30 Stitches - 20:51
Round 7 - Knit
Round 8 - Pearl
Repeat Rounds 7 & 8 once more
Rounds 9 - *Yarn over, Slip 2 Stitches, Knit one Stitch, Pass Slipped Stitches over knit Stitch, Yarn Over, Knit one stitch* repeat to end of round - 25:26
Round - 10 - Knit all stitches
Round 11 - *Yarn Over, Knit, Yarn Over, Slip 2 Stitches, Knit one Stitch, Pass Slipped Stitches over knit Stitch* Repeat to end of round - 28:30
Round 12 - Knit all stitches
Rounds 13-80 - Repeat Rows 9 - 12.  Change yarn when you have 12 inches left in the ball you are working with - 29:57
Round 81 - *Knit 1, Knit 2 Together* Repeat to end of round - 32:36
Round 82 - Knit all stitches
Round 83 - *Knit 2 Together* Repeat to end of Round - 34:50
Round 84 - Knit all stitches
Round 85 - *Knit 2 Together* Repeat to end of Round- 37:08
Round 86 - Knit all stitches - 38:49
Round 87 - *Knit 2 Together* Repeat to end of Round - 41:00
Round 88 - Knit all Stitches
Cut 12" tail and using a tapestry needle, run the tail through the stitches on the cable and remove cable - 41:58
Weave in all ends and you are finished! - 43:52

Monday, February 29, 2016

HUGE Craft Supply Giveaway!

I am so grateful to you my subscribers for tuning in and watching my videos.  To show my appreciation, I am hosting a giveaway of 3 Craft Supply Bundles!!  Yes, 3!  I really can't express how touched and thrilled I am that over 1000 people have subscribed to my channel and continue to watch and share my videos.  You guys are the best.  I purchased all of the supplies listed below and this giveaway is not being sponsored by anyone.  This truly is from me to you as a way of saying "Thank You".  Check out the video where I show you each product individually so you can get a close look at all of them.  Good luck to all who enter! So, without further delay, let's get on with it! LOL

1.) You must be a subscriber of my YouTube Channel (this will be verified so your subscriptions will need to be set to public. If I can't verify that you are a subscriber then you will be disqualified).

2.) You must leave a comment on this blog post stating which bundle you'd like to win.

3.) The other entries are optional and are listed in the Rafflecopter link below.  I think the Facebook Share may be a little confusing so you don't have to post the URL in that entry just put your Facebook name in that entry. I will verify the share.

4.) The giveaway is open internationally because I love my international subscribers too!

5.) Winners will be notified by email and will be announced on my YouTube channel by video on March 8, 2016.

6.)  You will have one week to claim your prize or a new winner will be chosen.

Craft Bundles included in this Giveaway 

Bundle 1

32 Sheets of 12 X 12 BoBunny Decorative Paper
2 Sheets of Chipboard Decorative Elements by BoBunny
3 Half Sheets of Seasonal Stickers by BoBunny
1 12 X 12 Sheet of Seasonal Stickers by BoBunny
3 Packs Photopolymer Stamps by Kaiser Crafts
1 Edge Punch by Tonic Studios

Bundle 2

1 Pack Chunky Chips Chipboard Alphabet Stickers by BoBunny
1 Pack Party Stickers by BoBunny
1 6 X 6 Pad of BoBunny Decorative Paper
1 Edge Punch by Tonic Studios
2 Sets of Photopolymer Stamps by Kaiser Crafts

Bundle 3

1 6 X 6 Pack of "Leather Paper" by Sizzix
1 Edge Punchy by Kaiser Crafts
3 Pack of Stickles Glitter Glue
1 Pack of Seasonal Stickers by BoBunny
2 Sets of Photopolymer Stamps by Kaiser Crafts

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